E-Raticate Rodent Repellent. -30 gal. drum,  white w/pressure sensitive  4 color label.

E-Raticate Rodent Repellent. - 32 oz. round,  white w/pressure sensitive  4 color label w/flip spout cap.

The Rat's Favorite Foraging Areas

E-Raticate Rodent Repellent. - 1 gal. round,  white w/pressure sensitive  4 color label w/ 1 extended sprayer per carton (T-110256)

E-Raticate Rodent Repellent. -55 gal. drum,  white w/pressure sensitive  4 color label.

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E-Raticate Rodent Repellent. -5 gal. round pail,  white w/pressure sensitive  4 color label. LVI Reike pour vent lid (White)

e-Raticate contains a proprietary formula developed by CBCB Products, LLC
Distributed Nationally by
C&D Sales and Marketing
Chicago, Illinois.

Curious, paranoid, suspicious,
intelligent, cunning, clever, 
rabid and dangerous!

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CBCB Products, LLC
Growing Through
Nature and Science

Often times, the most damage caused by rats is found in commercial storage facilities, food processing plants, hospitals, clinics and even factories that store no food at all, except for an employee lunchroom.
Remember, there are more of them than there are of us and they can only live up to a week without food or they will die.  Rat trapping services, poison positioning, and other methods have been in use for decades.  Rats learn and teach quickly.  If you are catching or killing even a few dozen rats a week, you may not have affected the pack that has made your property their home.
Contact an Authorized e-Raticate Distributor or Pest Control Service and begin a regime of naturally and safely repelling rats from your property.

A New Proven Alternative to Rodent Control.



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e-Raticate in the Midwest, where we are deeply committed to environmental stewardship.

The Huffington Report identified the Top Twelve most rat infested cities in the United States.  Just imagine, the census data was reported by the nation's largest Pest Control service in the country.  This is clear proof that poisons are not enough to do the job.

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The New Alternative!

Using hardcore, chemical killing agents to battle such an uncontrollable infestation affects our air and our environment
The discovery
The olfactory nerves in a rodent work the same as those found in most mammals, including humans.  The difference between what we find pleasant and offensive to our sense of smell is pretty clear.  A rose and a skunk is a good example.  We would be pleased with a rose on our dinner table, but a wild skunk spray would send us running from the dinner table.... far from the dinner table!  Just as we may react to a close-up odor of skunk spray, the rodent has an immediate reaction when they smell an unfamiliar scent, like "mint".                                                                       


Merging Nature and Science for a Solution that Works

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 Over 200 Million People can be fed with the amount of food destroyed by rodents each year.

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E-Raticate Rodent Repellent
275 gallon - Returnable Tote 

Restaurants of all types

Fast Food
Schools, Colleges and Universities,
Houses of Worship,  Soup Kitchens
​Hotels, Motels
Apartment Buildings,  
Amusement Parks
Nursing Homes, Child Care Facilities
Office Complex,
Food Processing, Food Storage facilities
Fresh food markets

​You can be sure that anywhere that food waste is placed in a trash can, dumpster or compactor...there will be rats!

Rats will forage wherever they find a food source, and it is not always trash.

Restaurant and Fast Food

 Nothing can be more damaging to your reputation than a few customers seeing a rat outside your building.  Nothing can ruin a business faster than a rat running under your tables or in your food cases.  Rats don't care who's watching and they are not afraid of humans.  If they are hungry, they will stare you down and eat.
Find an Authorised e-Raticate Dealer or Pest Control Service near you (see below), and stop dropping costly poison pellets that kill one rat at a time.  For each rat that you kill, there's a strong possibility that dozens more are being born  very nearby.

Why e-Raticate works:
Wild rodents survive on foraged food.  Once they find a food source, such as trash, packaged goods or food storage they settle in to eat and multiply.  Rats have a voracious appetite.  They are also highly suspicious and paranoid about unfamiliar objects and odors in their otherwise, familiar surroundings.  As soon as the food source runs dry, they move on in search of a new foraging location.  Without an available food source, they starve, dehydrate,  and die quickly and naturally.  The most humane and natural way to reduce the rapid population growth is to drive them away from your property (their food source) to prevent them from foraging and let them die naturally!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Surely, we are not talking about pet rats and we respect those who enjoy their company. Wild rats, however, are some of the fastest reproducing mammals on the planet.  Female rats can reach sexual maturity at 5 to 6 weeks of age, and there is no mating ritual. Although there is no rat census, it has been estimated by the New York Health Department that there are several times more rats in New York than people.  At the time of the estimate, there were seven million people living in New York.   Surprisingly, over 20 varieties of rat poison can be purchased over the counter or online, and the rats keep

Harvesting a naturally grown plant source for the e-Raticate product is the first step in the production process.  Using natural peppermint as the active ingredient,  allows us to send rats running to forage in search of a new food source and away from your property.

Discovering the proper mix of ingredients that will help repel rodents required a scientific approach.  CBCB Products has produced the e-Raticate Rodent Repellant System, which, when used as directed, will work to drive rats away and keep them away!

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Until recently, humans have used dozens of different devices and a variety of poisons to curb the rodent population growth.  From snap traps to bait blocks; from glue boards to electric traps and more.

The fact is there just isn't enough poison in the world to kill all the rats; not enough traps to catch them and not enough chemicals to spread near your home or business. 
Some US cities are feeling the effects of the overpopulation more than others.

A Natural Fact